Click It Up A Notch: 5 Creative Ways To Preserve Your Memories

When's the last time you printed your photos and told your story? I'm totally guilty of letting my photos sit on my computer and hard drive these days, because seriously, who has time to print photos when there's laundry to do, dinner to make and errands to run?!? But...there is nothing better than holding a book of your favorite photos and memories so I try to make it a habit to print out pictures or photo books every few months! 


Momazine Magazine: Sharing My Story

I have met so many incredible people through Instagram and I'm so thankful for the wonderful opportunities I've been given over the years! When Jaime Compton from Momazine reached out and asked if she could interview me for their upcoming issue, I couldn't say yes fast enough. I've been a long time fan of the Momazine community and their wonderful message and it's a true honor to be published in their latest issue!  

Thanks again to both Jaime and Lauryn for allowing me to share a little about myself between their pages! xoxo


Around Here

Today is our last Friday of summer. BOTH of my kids start back school on Monday and it's quite possible I will have a mental breakdown next week. I love year-round school, but the summers always seem to come and go so quickly. I have loved every single minute of our summer (minus a few sicknesses here and there that I could have totally done without....). I love having my babies home and as you can probably tell from our photos, we are total homebodies. I mean, it's pretty bad. All four of us would prefer to stay at home and just hang out than do just about anything else in the world. I hope your summer has been fantastic so far!!  I'm hoping to pop onto this little old blog more now that I will be bored out of my mind...I mean, I will have more free time!!
Happy Friday, friends!


Whoa June

I swear I blinked and June was gone. I have been counting down the days until summer for months and months, and now I can slowly see summer slipping away. Both of my kiddos start school in less than two weeks and this momma heart is already starting to ache. June was fantastic (if you ignore some crazy sickness we all got).  We spent some time at the beach, celebrated my birthday, played with our family at the lake and much, much  more. My kids have spent some good quality time together and I seriously couldn't ask for me. I love to see them together playing, reading or what not. They melt my heart and I sure am going to miss them being around all day when the school year starts. We still have a few more days, so we'll be living it up for sure! I hope your summer has been fantastic so far!! xoxo


Home Is Where the Heart Is

It's so hard to put yourself out there.  And it's so easy to feel like you're the only one who doesn't have it all together...especially with good ole Instagram where gorgeous photos are all over the place. When Gabrielle from Design Mom emailed and asked if she would feature our home on her "Living with Kids" series, I almost said no. I even replied back to her to make sure she had the right person. 

But then I decided that sometimes you have to say yes and take that risk. Sometimes you have to put yourself out there, crazy and all. So I spilled my heart and shared our home. And it was awesome. If you would like to get a peek into our happy home, hop on over to Gabrielle's blog. xoxo