Creative Jumpstarts 02

Hey hey!!  Thank you so much to those of you who played along with the very first Creative Jumpstarts challenge!!  I loved seeing your projects popping up in galleries and on Instagram!  You guys are awesome!!  And the winner of the Studio Calico Underground Kit is:   

Natalie - Such a fun challenge! I loved making my layout!
Congrats Natalie!!  We will contact you shortly!

This week, we are offering up a new kind of twist on a Project Life challenge!  

The theme for this challenge is all about pocket scrapping and the focus is on ONE COLOR!!  Marcy and I talked about it for a while and finally decided yellow should be pretty easy to use.  Yellow can be so versatile and is pretty timeless over seasons, so we thought it would be the perfect color to begin our pocket challenge!  But...you guys...this challenge was more difficult than I had imagined!!  The first thing I did was shuffle through my journaling cards looking for cards that had hints of yellow, or were yellow themselves.  And I came up super disappointed!  It made me realize that I typically begin my pages with my journaling cards and then fill in with my photos, so not having any cards to start with left me a little stumped!!  In the end, though, I just love how the spread turned out and I really love the consistency of the color throughout these pages!  Let's take a look!

I used the typical design A page protector because I already had printed several 4x6 photos that I planned to use for this spread.  Next time, I will definitely be switching up my sizes for something a little more exciting, though!  I'm kind of bored with this style right now!

After I printed the rest of my photos, I began adding them into my spread (which is different for me because, like I said, I usually start with my journaling cards).  Since the theme was yellow, I tried to print photos that went along with the color scheme, although I didn't want every photo to be yellow.   This was a super fun part of the challenge!  I loved searching through my photos for a color, whereas I usually search based on activity or event.  It's always fun to change things up a little!

For the middle cards on my page protector, I used whatever I had in various shades of yellow, as well as some patterned paper that I trimmed to fit into the pockets!  Patterned paper can make an awesome backing for smaller photos. 

I used a 3x4 die cut that I cut with my silhouette and backed the card with some light yellow paper.  I love the way the words really stand out on the card! 

I also found this cute little yellow pocket from a Studio Calico kit a few months ago and popped it right into an empty pocket with some journaling!  I'm not sure I would have gotten around to using this yellow pocket and I love that I had to think outside of the box and reach for supplies that aren't my "go-to". 

I kept the remainder of the spread pretty simple with a few light embellishments (yellow or wood veneer), and then typed up my journaling using my typewriter!!  

Once I got going, this spread moved pretty quickly!  It was the initial decision making that took me so much time!!  Sometimes it's easier to just go with the flow and see where it leads you, rather than obsess over every card and detail, right??

Thanks so much for joining me today!!  Be sure to check out Marcy's awesome take on this color Project Life challenge.  I died when I saw her spread and it took all of my will power not to copy it!!  

We hope you can play along again with this week's challenge!  Choose a color and think create a Project Life spread!  Easy peasy!
If you don't do Project Life, feel free to do a "pocket" take on a traditional layout!!  Just be sure to use just one color!!  Link up your projects here on my blog, as well as over on Marcy's blog!!  And tag #creativejumpstarts on Instagram so we can see all of your lovely projects!!

Our next challenge will be a recipe challenge and will be going up on November 3rd.

Creative Jumpstarts were created by Marcy Penner and Stephanie Bryan to challenge each other with their paper endeavors. Delivered in the form of bimonthly challenges, they encourage us (and hopefully you too) to stretch supplies, think outside of the box and to remain intentional about the memories we capture.  Challenges are posted on the first and third Mondays of every month.  Projects are shared on our blogs and on Instagram using the hashtag #creativejumpstarts. We'd love it if you'd share along with us at either of those places and be sure to tag us (@helloforeverpaperco and @stephaniebryan) if you do!


For the Love of Creative Energy

One of my favorite things to do when I finish one layout is to utilize my scraps for another (or several other) pages.  Both of these pages were created using what was left on my table after completing this and this layout.  And oftentimes, these "extra" pages are my favorite.  I feel like these pages come after I'm in my groove and the ideas flow freely.  Sometimes it takes cutting up paper or shuffling things around to spark my creative energy (which is why I usually end up creating several pages at a time with a certain kit or collection, rather than just one and moving on.).  There usually is no rhyme or reason, or really any purpose behind the beginnings of these pages (other than just to create).  And I'm totally ok with that!  Find and using my creative energy tends to come in waves and I try to grab on when I feel I'm in a groove!

For this first layout, I began by stacking up a few of the extra papers on my background.  I really didn't want to print a new photo for the page, so I used the photos I had on hand in my photo basket (stopping to print photos sometimes kills all that creative energy).  From my photos, I decided to use this one of my daughter and husband from a birthday party.  

To fill up the lower half of my page, I added this quote, which was printed on my Silhouette (you can download this one here).

The final touches were a few little embellishments scattered around my page.

The page is rather simple, but with the die cut quote, it becomes pretty striking, I think.

This second page is the perfect example of how I like to use my scraps!  Creating a layout using a grid design is so fun and so easy.  The idea for this page started after I cut out the "lovely" card  you see above (these were all on one sheet of 6x6 paper from the Shimelle paper pad). 

After I trimmed out the different cards, I just began laying them on my page trying to balance out the colors and hues on the paper. 

After these were adhered, I started adding in a few handmade embellishments, thickers and other embellishments on the cards.  This gives the page a little more depth and dimension.  I broke the design of the grid up a little and added a photo of my daughter (also which I just grabbed right out of my photo box) on a few horizontal paper layers. 

I felt like the grid looked a little random in the middle of the page, so I decided to quickly add a few stitched lines around the cards/photo.  This helped to ground the page and made the cards pop from the center.  

These pages definitely took more of a "creative outlet" rather than a "storytelling theme" and I'm totally fine with that.  I find that when I get in a groove, creating pages doesn't always mean that I'm telling stories, but more of an expression of myself and my creative energy.  Often I find that I start one page with a story, and then finish off with several other creative pages!  So what about you??  Do you find that once you get started, the ideas start pouring out and you just keep creating?  Sometimes starting is the hardest part, right??

As always, thanks so much for stopping by!!  Hope you have an awesome Friday!


12 on the Twelfth: October Pictures

I am oh so glad I've continued on with this project throughout this year.  I knew I would finish it (because I am OCD and once I start a project, book, idea, scarf....I can't quit it, even if I really want to)!  Capturing ONE day during each month has been so insightful and wonderful.  I've captured moments that I would probably overlook on a day-to-day basis.  I've pulled my big camera out and toted it around with me to get the "real" shots, those everyday moments.  I love watching the months and seasons change.  I love the way the photos change, but how they still stay so much the same.  

Here is a look at our 12 on the Twelfth photos from October 12th:

Thanks so much for joining me here on my little blog!  It really, truly means so much to me!!  If you happened to play along this month, feel free to link up in the comments below!  I'd love to take a look at your everyday!



One Little Bird: Gramercy Road

Hello!!  I am over on the One Little Bird blog today sharing a few layouts using Peppermint's new collection, Gramercy Road.  This collection is hands down one of my favorites ever!  I love Peppermint's clean lines, pretty colors and sophisticated style!  I hope you will hop on over and check out my pages!  I've been dying to share them with you all!!